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19th March, 2016

Ep 9: Getting to the airport from Central London et al #Campusbuddy

#CampusBuddy: Your NEW Campus Sister, Laura (postgrad) has 5 mins before she leaves for Uni to answer your questions...

1) What is a National Insurance Number? How do I get it and is it really necessary to get a part time job whilst at uni?

2) I think I’ve studied enough for now for the coming exams but my friends are all freaking out.Is it normal that I feel OK about it?

3) What do I do when I become ill and have been taking some paracetamol but things just aren’t passing. I don’t want to go to emergency but what doctors can I go to?

4) What are the best ways to get to the airport from Central London?

5) I’m thinking about doing a PhD after finishing undergraduate, but is it best to do a masters first?

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Our Campus Brother & Sister provide their thoughts and opinions on this show from knowledge gained through their life experiences. Whilst they are an intelligent pair, they are not trained psychiatrists and their advice is not a substitute for such help if required. So now that’s cleared up... enjoy! 

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