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13th March, 2016

Ep 8: Super Noodles Or Pasta Sauce? et al #Campusbuddy

#CampusBuddy: Your NEW Campus Brother, Dan (postgrad) has 5 mins before he leaves for Uni to answer your questions...

1) Super noodles or pasta sauce?

2) Any tips on what extra things to do at uni to boost my CV and chances of employment when I leave?

3) Sometimes I just don't want to socialize like all the other freshers. I like to sit by myself and just watch TV - am I the only one?

4) There's a book I need for my next class. I wasn't told about this until the first week (I emailed in may). I'm now in a financial mess. Why can't they include the books in the fees?

5) Why is there one person in every seminar who tries to outsmart the teacher? They are talking constantly and they end up learning less, because they're talking so much. 

6) I have an English degree from a top 100 university and I would love a career in publishing. Do you have any tips?

7) I'm a really skinny guy and I found it very hard to fit in my first year of uni. I got bullied by the guys and no girls were interest in me so I hit the gym and started taking steroids and got massive. I still have no friends and the girls think I'm disgusting (especially when they see the other side effects of steroids). What should I do? I've really had no fun at uni and want to go home.

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Our Campus Brother & Sister provide their thoughts and opinions on this show from knowledge gained through their life experiences. Whilst they are an intelligent pair, they are not trained psychiatrists and their advice is not a substitute for such help if required. So now that’s cleared up... enjoy! 

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