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29th March, 2016

Ep 10: Any cool - not serious work - things to enhance my cv? #Campusbuddy - final episode

#CampusBuddy: In our final episode of 15/16, your Campus Sister, Laura (postgrad) has 5 mins before she leaves for Uni to answer your questions...

1) In the last few months, I've been applying for graduate schemes, but have been rejected by a lot. I am from outside the UK do you think this affects the company's decision to pick me?

2) I am having trouble to eat properly because food is so expensive. What places and supermarkets do you think is good?

3) My friend's boyfriend is cheating on her and I found out (despite him not knowing I do). Shall I tell her what is happening?

4) I got thrown out of a club the other night and now I have a friend's birthday in the same place. Do you think they will let me in or should I just not go to the birthday?

5) Tea, coffee or red bull?

6) I don't want to work seriously quite yet after I finish my degree. Any cool things around to do that could also enhance my CV?

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Our Campus Brother & Sister provide their thoughts and opinions on this show from knowledge gained through their life experiences. Whilst they are an intelligent pair, they are not trained psychiatrists and their advice is not a substitute for such help if required. So now that’s cleared up... enjoy! 

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